Блокировка аккаунта в OVH / Locked account in OVH

This is an account for sales services of the data center OVH.

Account kv22404-ovh. Locked.

Blocked domains and VPS on account.

In the morning I discovered that I had blocked domains and VPS:

VPS on account:


Domains on account:


Reasons lock was not written anywhere.

After I wrote the Oles in Twitter:

Then I was told what the reason is Twitter:

And just to email written standard answer to the template:

Yes. There was one VPS sent one abuse was closed on the same day.

History email:

Send me a mail from you on the November 16:

The hosting of an abusive content (Phishing) on ​​your VPS vps100062 [.] Vps [.] Ovh [.] Ca has been reported to or noticed by our Abuse Team.
Technical details (such as URLs) showing the aforementioned problem follow:
— Start of the technical details — hxxp: / / 158 [. []] 69 [. []] 223 [[].] 5 / message php [.]
— End of the technical details — Your should investigate and fix this problem, as it constitutes a violation to our terms of service.
Please answer to this e-mail indicating which measures you've taken to stop the abusive behaviour.
The OVH Abuse team.

I reinstalled the server vps100062.vps.ovh.ca on the November 16 after abuse:

Dear Customer,
Your VPS has just been installed on the following operating system / distribution
Debian 8 (Jessie) (64-bit version)
Your VPS's IPv4 address is:
Your VPS name is: vps100062.vps.ovh.ca
The following administrator account has been configured on the VPS:
Username: root
Password: oWNCNF5u

I wrote to you on e-mail: ticket+rzxhdvlqfs.ba86@abuse.ovh.net.

Ok, I removed a phishing site.
We sell your VPS and server. It is evident that the customer has filled in specially phishing site. I reinstall the OS VPS. And he wrote a client that he broke the rules.

You abuse for one-on-one custom block all at once an account? Together with domains?

And today (21.11.2016) I got a lock kv22404-ovh account for phishing. Then the question of what kind of phishing? If the VPS problem has been reinstalled on the same day when I came to the complaint.

Why block the whole account, not individually specific VPS?

I even created a website your DC: ABCVG.ovh. It's like a slap in the face. I've lost confidence in you.

My emails: me@vova1234.com

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Просто не пиши по-английски. Или используй гугл транслейт - там явно выше уровень.
Ну я не вчитывался в грамматику. Писалось на скорую руку. Это же для них написал и им ссылки поскидывал.
Ответов нет. Просто игнорят и все.
А ответ-то прост: yandexpayment
Вообще не верится что виноват такой домен, так как тот домен был зарегистрирован 8 числа. А на домене ничего не было и не был прикреплен даже к cloudflare, только NS указаны. Три тестовых домена были взяты чтобы проверить как долго будет платеж идти.
если таких огромных ресселеров банят, то я со своими 350 серверами вообще ни куда не брякал
Не понял к чему был комментарий. Здесь суть в том, что бан был за закрытую абузу.

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